Things to do in Victoria – Collect memories and enjoy your holidays!

The congenial Victoria is the capital city of the Canadian province of British Colombia that sits on the craggy southern end of Vancouver Island. Victoria, aka, the city of gardens, is known to have a perfect growing climate and a flourishing land of floret. Are there other things to do in Victoria? Let us find out.

Things to do in Victoria

Summer is the best time to enjoy Victoria. Why? It is indeed pleasant to visit the British’s Colombia’s Royal BC Museum. This museum is a place of amusement, a magnificent full-sized mammal displayed in a beautiful giant ice Age Marquette. What about the British Colombia legend of Captain George Vancouver? The museum exhibition has placed a replica of his vessel, which we cannot miss. There are many fascinating things, such as; the George Vancouver portrait or IMAX theatre, which consists of the world’s best 35 IMAX 4K projector.

After an educated visit, why not go for a walk in the beautiful Beacon Hill Park? Yes, it is a treasured green space where families can spend some time together. Adults can go ahead with bikes or walking, enjoying the petting zoo with their children, playing tennis in the tennis court while the kids can play in the playground. There are many things to do in Victoria.

Things to do in Victoria
Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria

Other funs things to do in Victoria…

If you visit the Royal Craigdarroch Castle, it is a national historic place constructed in the eighteen-nineties re-build as a museum in ninety seventy-nine. The history of this house is mind-blowing, full of luxury, opulence, and wealth; Robert Dunsmuir has designed it.

Royal Craigdarroch Castle

Furthermore, the inner harbor is a fully functioning harbor where you can take a taxi and board a cruise ship to go whale watching and a place where you can take saunter at your own pace and take leisure in the sight of all the boats with the majestic buildings to watch.
What enticing things to do in Victoria? Exploring can be exhausting, so to rest or stay, there are some well-serviced hotels such as the Sonora resort desolation sound, which provides scenery of the sea lions, grizzly bears, orcas, and dolphins. If you like to have a comfortable staying hotel, Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel is the best: a downtown, lavishing furniture to rest on, with affluent serviced.

In conclusion:

The above are the things that we can do in Victoria during a vacation. We hope that now you have a keen idea about what are the things to do in Victoria! Of course, it will be great ease for you to grab an idea before visiting Victoria.


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